Hansen's disease is a chronic infectious and contagious disease, endemic in Brazil, curable, which can cause disabilities, especially if not treated early. People affected by Hansen are, in general, discriminated and suffer with the stigma attached to the old name of this disease.

At the same time that we understand Hansen's as an ancient disease, it is also considered a neglected disease, and more resources for research and investment in the program are needed to achieve the goals of the Global Strategy for Hansen's (2021-2030) proposed by the World Health Organization.

Through a joint effort of a team of professors, researchers, historians, health professionals and students, we offer "Hansen's in Clinical Practice Online" (ISBN 978-65-00-07087-3). We have prepared chapters with quality, up-to-date information about Hansens that can be accessed free of charge. We also suggest that you watch the lessons on the infoHansen YouTube channel.

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Hansen's Disease in Clinical Practice


Comprehensive and in-depth view of the disease, from historical, medical, and social points of view.


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