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by Patrícia Deps

2nd Edition

The main theme of the November issue is the transmission of Hansen's disease. In addition to scientific and academic content, the first issue brought together interviews with activists from NGOs and social movements against the stigma of Hansen's disease. Hansen's disease has existed in Brazil for more than 400 years, and Brazil is an endemic country with a significant number of people affected by the disease. The transmission of Hansen's disease is still a controversial and little known issue, and past mistakes such as isolating the sick in colonial hospitals and separating healthy children from their mothers was an inhumane response. For a better understanding of Hansen's disease and of people affected by the disease, an interprofessional approach is needed. For a better understanding of the transmission of the disease, a One Health approach is necessary.

The November edition of the Blog has contributions from experienced professionals. Highlights include an essay by physiotherapist Carmelita Filha Coriolano, National Coordinator of the Hansen's disease Control Program, and dermatologist Ciro Gomes, Professor at University of Brasília, who discuss obstacles to the elimination of Hansen's disease in Brazil. The dermatologist Claudio Salgado, Professor at Federal University of Pará, currently President of the Brazil Hansen's Disease Society, analyses the prospect of the elimination of Hansen's disease from Brazil and the rest of the world.

On our YouTube channel, you can watch an interview with dermatologist Laila de Laguiche (PR), President of the Alliance Against Leprosy, talking about educational and social projects for people affected by Hansen's disease. There is a fascinating interview with psychologist Karla Dantas about the difficulties of caring and being cared for, and two interviews with veterans in the fight against Hansen's disease in Brazil - Professor Clodis Tavares (AL), a nurse, and Dora Martins Cypreste (ES), a social worker. You will also find a lecture on the immunopathology of Hansen's disease delivered by Professor Ana Paula Vieira, from Uniasselvi.

From an international perspective, info Hansen was recognized and commented on in the World Health Organization's Goodwill Ambassador's Newsletter on Elimination of Hansen's disease. An Open Access article on info Hansen was published in the scientific journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases and info Hansen was disseminated by other institutions and websites including infoLep and Netherlands Leprosy Relief, Fontilles in Spain, the Sasakawa Health Foundation in Japan, members of The Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy and others.

With the launch of the November edition, info Hansen will host a new page dedicated to human rights. This page will provide access to the UN reports on Hansen's disease, especially provided by Alice Cruz, UN Special Rapporteur for Hansen's disease.

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