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info Hansen seeks to share the information about Hansen's disease with the world, with an emphasis on Hansen's disease-endemic countries. Above all, at the heart of info Hansen is the recognition of an equal relationship between health workers and people affected by the disease.

The flow of information, ideas and experiences through this bridge and the mutual respect it will generate are essential for the elimination of Hansen's disease.

As a digital platform, the info Hansen aims to disseminate what is being done in Brazil and the world to improve the lives of people affected by Hansen's disease, as well as new scientific findings and ethical reflections. In this way various channels of communication with people from various parts of the world are provided and the information is published whenever possible in four languages.

Info Hansen emerges as a Extension Program

Sharing information about the Extension Projects that are framed within the Program, being the basis for the dissemination and recording of what has been accomplished and achieved.

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Who is behind this project?


Patrícia Deps

Full Professor at the Department of Social Medicine of the Federal University of Espírito Santo

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