A way of being a

Social Worker

by Dora Cypreste

A pro-active book that portrays the personal experiences of Social Assistant Dora Martins Cypreste in facing the difficulties of getting into a public university, an opportunity in which she stimulates the young people of our country to reach the aspired educational levels, provoking the reader to take certain analytical and reflective attitudes. In the sequence, he goes back in time and reports significant moments of his academic life in which he elaborates a project of professional knowledge with projections for the future. After that, this work turns to her practice as a Social Worker working in several institutional segments, especially in the health area, where she worked for decades in the fight against the stigma of Hansen's disease associated to patients and former patients, adopting new paradigms and empowering these individuals for the effective exercise of their citizenship. In the field of practice, it also lists strategies for actions with dynamic methods and techniques, giving the author the certainty that she made the right choice in her profession. Finishing with the presentation of socio-educational projects, so that they can be consulted by professionals who deal with the "human", indispensable reading for those interested in the information of the activities directed to social assistance, adapting the diverse social realities through a collective work in the junction of knowledge.