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info Hansen: A new online resource for Hansen’s disease.

Help for the vulnerable.

CAIBAH, Hansen's disease and immigration.

PatrĂ­cia Duarte DEPS

In praise of Abrahao Rotberg

Elimination of the stigmatizing term: leprosy.

Ministry of Health Practical Guide on Hansen's disease

Available in portuguese only

Brazilian Ministry of Health

Prevalence of Mycobacterium leprae in armadillos in Brazil: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Transmission of Hansen's disease and environmental source of Mycobacteium leprae

Zoonotic risk of Hansen’s disease from community contact with wild armadillos: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Deps P, Antunes JMA, Collin S.

Papers produced or recommended by iH.

Have we learned from the mistakes of the past? Segregation of leprosy patients until the twentieth century

Patrícia Duarte DEPS • Brunella de A. FREITAS • Cícero D. CHICON • Larissa C. CASER • Líbia A. MENDES • Marianna M. SIQUEIRA • Luciana QUINTELA • Manoel A. CATARINA

The contribution of Ernesto Salles Cunha for paleopathology in the State of Espirito Santo, Brazil

Henrique Antônio VALADARES COSTA • Patrícia D. DEPS

Pedro Fontes, the physician who discovered leprosy in EspĂ­rito Santo Province, Brasi

Patrícia D. DEPS • Rachel Bertolani do Espírito SANTO • Francisco E. Simão MERÇON