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2nd edition

Is it possible to stop the transmission of Hansen’s disease in Brazil? Prospects and challenges


by Carmelita Ribeiro Filha Coriolano and Ciro Martins Gomes

Hansen’s disease: a transmissible condition, but what is transmitted?


by Cinira Magali Fortuna

The saga of the elimination of Hansen's Disease as a public health problem

by Claudio Guedes Salgado.

What are the sources of Mycobacterium leprae?


by PatrĂ­cia Deps, LetĂ­cia Pedrini, and Simon Collin.

Hansen’s disease and Migration - a Global Health Issue


by Isabella Rezende, Hugo Pessotti Aborghetti, Rafael Moraes, Marcos TĂşlio Raposo, and PatrĂ­cia Duarte Deps.

Persistence of Mycobacterium leprae in the oral mucosa and its importance in transmission to healthcare workers


by Pamela Barbosa, Mariana MacabĂş, Fernanda Sales, PatrĂ­cia Deps, and Raquel B. Carvalho.

The role of chemoprophylaxis in reducing Hansen’s disease transmission


by TaĂ­s Loureiro Zambon, and Marcos Cesar Florian.

Actions to prevent disabilities integrated by health care services: Reality or utopia?


by Marcos TĂşlio Raposo, Ana VirgĂ­nia de Queiroz Caminha, Caroline Santos AdimarĂŁes, JĂ©ssica Souza Britto, and Lorena dos Santos Duarte.

Zoonotic transmission of M. leprae in Brazil: One Health approach.


by PatrĂ­cia Duarte Deps.

Hansen's disease and mental health:
A multidisciplinary approach


by Vinícius de Pádua Sanders Medeiros, Leonardo Fabem Moreira, Maria Carmen Viana and Patrícia Duarte Deps.

1st edition

Hansen’s disease in Espírito Santo: Colônia de Itanhenga


by PatrĂ­cia D. Deps

Reflections on institutional stigma and Hansen’s disease.


by Thauyra Oliveira, Lucas Delboni and PatrĂ­cia Deps

Hansen’s disease and COVID-19


by Izabela Feres de Oliveira, Kaicki Teofilo da Silva and PatrĂ­cia D. Deps

The Leprosy Brand


by Faustino Pinto

University networks to combat Hansen’s disease as information technology and stigma reduction


by Clodis Maria Tavares, Joelma Maria Costa and Igor Michel R. dos Santos.

Functioning and Hansen’s disease: evaluation of components of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF).


by Marcos TĂşlio Raposo and Ana VirgĂ­nia de Queiroz Caminha

Why can't we control Morbus Hansen?


by Bernard Naafs

Stigmas Around Leprosy in Nepal


by Niharika Khanal

We are all responsible for addressing Hansen's disease-related stigma


by Anna van't Noordende and Roos Geutjes